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Poem - Indonesian version


Ada masa saat aku tidak mengerti
Apa yang kuambil
Apa yang kucari
Dalam hidup ini

Ada masa saat aku mengira
Seseorang akan menanti
Seseorang akan memaafkan

Ada masa saat aku mulai merelakan
Kakiku berhenti
Mulutku bungkam
Untuk mengungkapkan kebenaran

Ada masa saat aku punya
Ataupun tidak sama sekali
Kurasakan hanya sepi

Ada masa saat aku mulai tidak mengharapkan lagi
Bunga dalam tidur
Ataupun bunga dalam hati
Seperti yang dulu selalu kuiinginkan...

...Ada masa saat aku tidak mau lagi
Memperbaiki diri
Seperti yang dunia tuntut
Belakangan ini

Ada masa saat ketika
Sayup-sayup doa untukku
Akan berubah
Jadi cacian

Ada masa saat aku mulai menyadari
Kesia-siaan merampas impianku
Kemarahan menarik akal sehatku
Kebencian merenggut damai dalam hatiku

Ada masa saat memikirkan semua ini
Hanya memperburuk segalanya

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How to lose weight in a week

There’s an effective plan to lose your weight up to 10 pounds in just a week. You will be in a shape especially on your special moments. this is not a long-term plan but the result is the same like you’ve done 3–4 months diet plan right after just a week. I don’t recommend this plan if suffer from eating disorder such as anorexia.

Understand the plan first, if you want it to be effective.

The weight you will be losing won’t be pure body fat. Because this plan is mostly calorie deficit. However, you will look leaner, but after this one week plan that you need to work out to tighten your body. Your water weight will be reduced too, so don’t forget to keep hydrated. You probably also lose some weight due to intestinal waste, undigested food, and fiber in the digestive system.

There are 5 easy steps you need to follow to lose weight in a week:

1. Eat More Proteins than Carbs

According to the expert, the most effective way to lose weight along with improving your health is doing a low-carb diet. Try to minimum the portion of starchy carbohydrate and sugars with replacing that with low-carb vegetables. Increase your protein with consuming eggs, fish (white meat), and other lean meats.

2. Avoid Junk Foods

Just like what it is called, “junk” food. Don’t waste your time eating both healthy (whole) and junk (processed) food. If your favorite snack comes from junk food, try to choose healthy food which taste similar to your junk food or replace it with your favorite fruits instead.

3. Intermittent Fasting

There are a number of protocols to do intermittent fasting. But the duration of fasting usually is longer than the feeding duration due to your metabolism and and calorie intake. You need to calculate your calorie intake first to choose the best protocol that suits you. Any exercise is still allowed in a different time you do the fasting.

4. Interval Training such as Lifting Weights

Do you go to the gym? Or doing some home-workouts? Try which place motivates you do the work-out. With small number of weight dumbbell or bigger. Start your light exercise (because you will do a week plan) and then continue to moderate or to heavy exercise after a week. If you don’t have any dumbbells, you can use your home stuffs as your weight. This interval training will gain muscle and strength, different from intermittent training (ex: aerobics) or flexibility exercise (ex: yoga).

5. Be Active Outside your Gym/ Work Out Day

This pandemic has changed most of our daily routines. But, don’t worry you can still fulfill your goal to be active outside your gym/ work out day. Cleaning the house is a very effective way to lose your weight. Try to re-decor your room or gardening also burns your calories. Or you can sort out your no-longer-used stuffs and sell it online, your calories will be burned doing this o course not effortless activity too.


Top 3 best (underrated) Singers of The 80s and The 90s

Here’s to make it easy. We know some people make good creations, some don’t. Some are appreciated by the world, some aren’t. Some fly their chart to the top of the list, some walk harder underneath. So, I make this list to be given as an appreciation for those who rarely got the spotlight especially in singing world.

1. Deborah Cox
The Bodyguard' star Deborah Cox opens eighth season of Trust ...

Born in Toronto, July 13 1964. Cox’s works are mostly specialized in R&B and Soul. The lyrics she sings embrace her fans and other of listener about the love and broken-hearted heart. She is so smart showing how regret drives our mind crazy through the ears. Her range is from Bb2 to Bb5 and with her dynamical chest voice she wouldn’t let herself ever copy other singer style even when she was asked to do the Whitney Houston cover and had a studio collaboration with Houston. Cox has a tittle “The Voice” for her own unique style of singing. Here are my favorites song from Deborah Cox: “We Can’t Be Friends”, “Nobody’s Supposed To Be Here”, and “Same Script, Different Cast” (ft. Whitney Houston).

2. Jon B

Known as the “White Chocolate” Jonathan David Buck or Jon B once confused anyone who first listened to his voice on air collaborating to Babyface. Being the appreciated “white man” around R&B fields, he always proof himself of how good writing, instrumental play, and of course the voice he has. When comes to a live performance (whether it’s official or not), his amazing finger game never makes his audience left unsatisfied. My favorite songs from Jon B: “Can We Get Down”, “They Don’t Know”, and “Someone To Love” (ft. Babyface).

3. El DeBarge

Being almost in the same lifeline with Michael Jackson: having the family groups, being the only kid having the responsibility than the other siblings, and producing his own songs, Eldra Patrick DeBarge or known as El Debarge seemed overshadowed for so long. Maybe the old phrase is true “Some make 4 major chords music for 1000 audiences in a concert hall and others make n other-than-major chords music is just for 10 audience in a small room.” Check him out to hear more about his falsetto voice on these pleasing songs: “All This Love”, “Where Is My Love” (ft. Babyface), and “The Secret Garden” (ft. James Ingram, Al B. Sure, Barry White, and Quincy Jones).

Those are my Top 3 Best (Underrated) Singers of The 80s and The 90s. I hope they will someday get more of our attention and appreciation.


9 Ways To Make Money Online

In this post, I’m going to present 9 ways of earning (up to $112.55) online with the most accessible ways. This list is sorted alphabetically.
1. Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate marketing is one of the most accessible ways to make money online. It is also a very flexible way to make money online. You don’t necessarily need your own website.
Instead, you can also earn money with affiliate marketing on social network profiles. Affiliate programs like Amazon’s can also be published on Facebook, Twitter and Co. There are thousands of affiliate programs out there, so you’re sure to find something suitable.
All you need is a platform with a certain reach. There you can publish suitable affiliate links to collect commissions.
2. Do jobs
We all have our skills, which is why you can make money with them nowadays. Outsourcing platforms like Upwork and Fiverr offer the possibility of doing smaller and larger orders for the self-employed and companies.
Here, of course, you first have to define for yourself what you are particularly good at and then present yourself on the appropriate platforms. But then you can quickly complete small jobs and earn some money on the side.
In future, you can also build up know-how, experience and a good reputation via such platforms, in order to then earn money as a freelancer.
3. Sell ​​photos
If you like to take a lot of photos, you should think about selling your own photos. Stock photo platforms offer the possibility to upload photos there and make money.
Of course, you need a fairly large portfolio of high-quality photos and you should also pay attention to personal rights and copyrights. But then you can even make money permanently, e.g. this example shows.
Learn more from him Jimmy Chappel
4. Make links to money
Backlinks are still very important for good rankings in Google. Therefore it is very worthwhile to sell or rent links. You will find companies that are willing to pay monthly money for links.
Of course, you need a reasonably successful website for this, but then you can quickly make good money.
5. Niche websites
Niche websites are probably the easiest type of website to make money with. In a short time you can build up a niche website. This makes niche websites very suitable for beginners and for making money on the side.
If you already have some experience in building a website, you should definitely take a look at these methods of making money.
6. Paid content
Paid items are another way to make good money quickly. If you have your own website or blog, you can earn up to $112.55 and more in a short time. Of course, you should try to get thematically appropriate orders, but then it brings good income.
7. Sell products
Selling something online has become the norm for many. Earning a few euros quickly with Grandma’s inappropriate gift is not difficult.
Using platforms such as eBay, you can quickly and easily sell products that you no longer need.
8. Save up
This tip may sound a bit unsexy, but for many it offers a very good opportunity to have additional money. After all, we’re already spending money on everything and we mostly use online platform to spend our money for example online shopping. Which online subscriptions are really necessary? Do you regularly pay money for online games? Does the pizza order really have to be every other day? Do you use Netflix at all in summer?
If you take a closer look at your own expenses, you will find ways to save money and that is just as good as earning additional money.
9. Textwriting
If you like to write, but don’t want to run your own blog, there are still opportunities to earn money by writing. Online platforms such as The Sun Magazine offer the opportunity to generate income with your own texts.
But many other newspapers and magazines are also looking for high-quality texts and sometimes offer very good fees.


Fiverr Review: Is Fiverr still legit?

Are you new in freelancing world? You must have been suggested to start in some big freelancing websites from your own research either on google or on youtube. I guarantee that in every suggestion from top 5 lists or top 10 lists, there is always one big freelancing website suggested to you. Yes, the answer is Fiverr. Fiverr is the most suggested freelancing website for newbie freelancer like you or me. But, is Fiverr still legit, especially for newbies?


 Fiverr seems legit because they are decent in pointing how valuable their sellers (the freelancers) to the client. There are quite decent to turn the spotlight to their newbies sellers too by boosting up our profile with some skill tests too. There are some tests according to the business their sellers mostly provide: basic English test, English Fiverr test, designing test, HTML test, virtual assisting test, and many more common related tests. They value you with scores and also limited remedial for any test you’ve failed. But the most favorable way why Fiverr is one of top suggested websites to start freelancing is they allow you to start your own gig/ service from $5, a very minimum price. You begin to be very excited to work and start calculating how much your service times to $5. All you’ll be thinking is being dilligent is the key to get more clients and rewarded with more dollars.
Being diligent is a must. But, do your own research about your gig. Two to five years ago or even ten years ago when Fiverr was found, I bet being diligent is still reliable. Look at today’s condition. How many freelancers provide the same exact service as yours? And how many experienced freelancers let the clients buy them the same exact $5, even though they have got the most reviewed 4–5 high stars? And above all, how many new freelancers like you who is overrun the same exact point-of-view in making money are struggling to get a single notification from a client to buy our service? Yes, I can’t signify you a table of content about this according to too many cases like this.
 Have you got the main point I’m telling you right now when you’re scrolling down your screen to this article? Let me make it clear to you. There are approximately too many competitions for a new freelancer like you if you join Fiverr in these days. I’m not being discouraging. But, you need to open your eyes to survive as a newbie in freelancing, especially in Fiverr.
 First, you must create a strong and complete profile. Second, learn all lessons and strategies you might receive to reach your first client. Third, be unique in delivering common service or provide the rarest skills ever provided. The last, create the best portfolio about how you helped people in the past with your skills or create new ones, your original creations in accordance with your skills written on your profile. In other words, make the best portfolio about your skills or leave Fiverr at all. Delete your account right now, if you aren’t ready enough to attract your first client. A strong portfolio is a must. Put the link to your portfolio on your profile.
 Anywhere, any business, or any website you are going to start freelancing, link your portfolio to your profile page. You can gather all your skills in a free web hosting with your business profile on the main page like mine that you can upgrade later to premium. Be familiar with your main niche. You can have many skills, but identify which skills conform your interest. Because you’ll easily be tired for doing things you aren’t viable of.
 Don’t be afraid to start. Be afraid for not being consistent.


New Normal Adaptation Guidelines

Who was going to tell us that we were going to live a pandemic? That a virus was going to infect more than 8.9 million people worldwide and kill more than 468,270 and that we were going to have to confine ourselves to our homes for several months or maybe more? And who knows how long … We are living a stage in our lives that not even our closed ones, many of whom lived through the war, would have imagined.

We, somehow, need to learn about survival plan.

Since things have unexpectedly changed, (although everything, we know, is temporary), even we do not like the situation, we must accept it as it comes and not settle in the feeling of complaint and blame. We need to keep living and sane in this new normal phase. Here are 12 new normal adaptation guidelines for all of us: 

1. Acceptance 
We must accept the situation, that everything has changed and don’t delay in adapting. What we don’t do, nobody will do.

2. No fortune-telling
Try not to predict the future. Now we must make decisions on a daily basis.

3. Accusing: 404 not found
We made a lot of mistakes in our judgments; give two turns to what you think, to what we perceive, because we mix thoughts of fear and desire and it is easy to block ourselves.

4. Being irrational is rational
Don’t discard anything. If we don’t contemplate something, it is an option that we lose. To think that we have more alternatives but we don’t contemplate them. If we believe that we are pulling with unemployment, we won’t strive for new alternatives, such as looking for a new job.

5. Let go
Concentrate on what we can control, not on what we can’t.

6. New self-cognition system
Be creative. Think of new functions, processes, scenarios and solutions to new problems. Practice brainstorming.

7. Re-learn
Unlearning what has been learned, which always works for us like a corset, how is that security or what has always been done. Awaken your analytical spirit and become a solver. Question everything.

8. Super-YOU!
Be aware that no one is going to come and save us and that we have more alternatives than we think. The complaint is useless, nor blaming other people.

9. Be Calm
To give a way to our emotions, if we don’t do it will be a brake, we have to release the pressure but we must do it from ‘micro-management’, in small doses, little by little; do not explode at once.

10. Pass it over
Knowing that 80% conflicts are misunderstandings and we can’t live everything as a personal offense, not take things personally to avoid becoming chronic. We have to say things, try not to argue, do sports to release tension.

11. Re-set your P.O.V.
Put our imagination under control, this can play a trick on us. We have to hold onto reality. At home we are well, safe against the corona virus, but we must also begin to resume our life before the pandemic, with the precautions that we all know. After reformulating the situation we are living, have an action plan and when someone goes crazy, go back to that plan. Imagination doesn’t stop and can be used to evade and remember beautiful things.

12. Scale your priority
Worry about what to worry about. All concerns have an action that influences them. If we are afraid of catching two candles, you won’t solve it; Yes, if you follow hygiene protocols and do not practice risky behaviors. We must transform concern, which is normal and human, into action that can minimize it, into concrete action. Are you worried about money? Save or look for a new job. If you are concerned about health, eat well and don’t do risky behavior, and follow the dictates of the health authorities.

But aside from things listed above, don’t forget to keep your hygiene to the max. Never loosen up this standard. You might pass this era, but what about the others?

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Socibot Review: Social Media Marketing Tool

Socibot is a unique powerful automation tool for social media, which will generate passive sales and leads.  This software makes use of automation to engage the highly targeted audience right in your customer's messenger box. With this, you can collect leads and pinch your affiliate offers for targeted traffic audience.

SociBot Review-Promote a Tool That Builds Facebook and Instagram ...

It works by combining the power of engagement and automation, to land right in your customer’s messenger inbox of Facebook & Instagram. If you ever wander to automate your social media marketing & want to generate leads, sales and traffic on autopilot then it's the best tool for you.

What auto pilot performances you can enjoy:
1. 100% Beginner Friendly
2. Includes COMPLETE Training
3. Run Free Social Contests On Facebook™ and Instagram™
4. Auto Reply To Every Comment On Your Instagram™ Posts With Your Affiliate (or Other) Links
5. Auto Add Respondents To Your Instagram™ and FB™ Messenger List
6. Manage Your Ads, Facebook™ And Instagram™ Posts From One Dashboard
7. Stop Spending on Paid Traffic, Get in Front of REAL Buyers

There are some main offers if you purchase this app for personal use. You can access an a pool of 3.5 Billion active users on both Facebook and Instagram instantly, automate every single audience engagement on fanpages and Instagram posts, and collect leads automatically, recover and retarget leads that commented on your Facebook™ Ads, and Facebook™ organic posts with just 1-click, recover and retarget leads that commented on your Instagram™ Ads, And Instagram™ organic posts with just 1-click, automatically add respondents to your Instagram™ and FB™ messenger list, auto reply to every comment on your Instagram™ Posts with your affiliate (or other) links. You don’t need to spend money on paid ads and commercial license included during the launch. It’s newbie-friendly - created with part-timers in mind. You can also implement immediately from your new “home office” (kitchen table!)

Meanwhile you can enjoy these performances if you purchace the unlimited pack: capture unlimited leads, run unlimited campaigns, sell unlimited offers, priority support, create instagram stories from posts (not part of downsell), automated Instagram DM (not part of downsell), Instagram messenger bot (not part of downsell), and bonus: leverage huge profitable groups (not part of downsell).

So what are you waiting for? Go grab yours while it’s still on stock! Happy escalate your social media marketing skills!


How To TedsWoodworking

For the handyman, his wood workshop is like a second home — working on workpieces, he relaxes from the stress of everyday life and also likes to forget the time. You can learn everything about woodworking in the workshop from this basic knowledge.


So that the handyman can enjoy his wood workshop for a long time, he cannot avoid keeping it in good shape. In addition to the regular care and maintenance of his work equipment, this also includes compliance with a certain order. Create permanent places for your utensils: holding strips and individually divisible drawers for devices and work utensils ensure a tidy workspace. You can get lots of tips in our basic knowledge of woodworking.

Introduction to woodworking
Wood can be processed in many different ways: When we speak of woodworking, we usually mean “shaping processing methods” such as sawing, milling, planing or turning — painting and staining are more likely to come under the term surface treatment. The different techniques for woodworking have in common that they work either cutting or abrasive.

Basic knowledge of the wood workshop here
In order to be able to process wood professionally, the various professional groups have developed highly specialized tools over the centuries. Since the industry has developed all kinds of power tools for woodworking, however, do-it-yourself have unfortunately lost their knowledge of the correct use of classic wood tools. Here you will learn how to use a plane, gouge, rasp or scraper correctly and how to machine your wooden workpieces.

The most important tools for woodworking presented in detail
“Working with wood” means the most important manual skills to change the shape and surface of wood. A distinction is made between abrasive and machining types of machining. The most important methods are splitting, planing, sawing, grinding, drilling and scraping.

Activities and industries related to wood processing
The processing of wood-based materials is used in a wide variety of trades and industries. The most important professions dealing with woodworking are the carpenter, the carpenter or carpenter, the sawmill worker and the wood turner. Boat builders, interior design and the manufacturers of musical instruments also work with wood.

Woodworking tools and their main characteristics
There are various tools for processing wood. A distinction is made between hand-operated and machine-driven ones. In the case of machine tools, a distinction is made between stationary and transportable machines. Some of the most important woodworking tools are presented in detail below.

Woodworking Tools

  • The chisel as a tool

The wood chisel has been used by people for processing wood for thousands of years. In the past, various types of chisels were used. Today, a wood chisel consists of a wooden or plastic handle and one or two metal rings that prevent the handle from splitting open. The blade is made from hardened and ground tool steel. A knockwood is used to transmit powerful blows to the chisel. The so-called brass knuckle prevents damage to the handle. The so-called clamp is located on the front part of the handle. This prevents the handle from being torn open. Generally, chisels and chisels have the same structure. The processing of wood requires knowledge of the material. The direction of growth or grain is important when processing. A chisel enables the chips to be separated flat. It is also possible to work out a cavity. Specifically, there are flat chisels, gouges, edge chisels as well as turning chisels and most recently Japanese chisels. Depending on the wood, the chisels have to be sharpened more or less often.

  • Rasp and file as tools after cutting

The manufacture of the finished dimensions and fitting can be done very well with the rasp. This tool is particularly suitable for soft materials such as wood due to its high stock removal rate. A file can then be used for finishing. The hardened teeth of the rasp protrude from the blade and leave deep marks in the material. Then the surfaces machined in this way are smoothed with a file. The file is a widely used tool for woodworking. In contrast to the rasp, which is provided with individual teeth, the file has a linear toothing. A file sheet is serrated on one or more sides. The file handle consists of a wooden handle or plastic and usually has a ring on the side facing the file sheet, which is called a ferrule. There are many different types of files. Some are the flat file, oval file, round file or even the triangular file. There are line-shaped notches on the file, which can run slightly obliquely or in an arc. The file is available in different divisions depending on whether a rough or fine machining is desired.

  • Clamp or one-handed clamp for bracing wood

The clamp is one of the clamping devices. The so-called screw clamp or carpenter clamp is used in woodworking. Common variants and names are also clamps, glue clamps and spring clamps. We are talking about the screw clamp or one-handed clamp. This is used to fix or brace wood. Several workpieces can be clamped together so that they can then be glued or screwed together. The malleable cast iron screw clamp is used most. In this model, the two jaws are made of malleable cast iron. The slide rail and the screw spindle are made of steel. Usually a wooden handle is used. There are many different lengths of the screw clamp, which can range from a few centimeters to several meters. All-steel clamps are also common. As the name suggests, these are made entirely of steel. The workpieces are fixed more securely than with the malleable cast iron screw clamp. The one-handed screw clamp is particularly popular in the carpentry trade. It can be operated with one hand. The acquisition costs are cheaper compared to the first two variants. However, the one-handed clamp cannot use as much clamping force as the other screw clamps. A common area of ​​application of the clamp in woodworking is to glue components together. To protect the surfaces, the contact surfaces often have plastic caps. These distribute the forces and increase the friction of the tensioned surfaces. The clamp is a special type of clamp. This version is particularly popular for gluing. An eccentric lever is used to clamp this clamp. This ferrule is often used especially for gluing chairs or furniture.

  • Planes as hand tools or electrical machine tools

The planer is often used by carpenters as a hand plane to fit components. This tool is used for machining wood. The edge of the planer is firmly fixed in the planer body. In contrast, a knife shaft rotates with one or more knives in the electric planer. A hand plane is made of wood with a cutting edge made of tool steel or completely made of iron and tool steel. The plane iron is fixed with a clamping device. The electric planer has a shaft in the planer body. This is driven at high speed by an electric motor. The knives are changeable. A one-sided mounting of the shaft is also possible in order to use it as a folding plane. The folding plane is also available as a manual plane. There are hundreds of different versions of the planer. The plane is used for roughing and finishing work. Special shapes are the ship plane and tail plane.

  • Saw types in detail

A wide range of variants are also available for the saw in woodworking. The carpenter saw is therefore well suited for rough cuts. A foxtail is most often used to trim strips. The jigsaw and the circular saw are often used as electrical machine tools. The band saw and panel saws are used stationary. The electric fretsaw is used to work out shapes in wood. In the forest, on the other hand, the chainsaw is used for tree felling and rough cutting. A separate chapter could be written about saws and suitable saw blades, as they are very diverse.

  • Various types of drilling machines and the appropriate drills

Drills and drilling machines are mostly electric or battery operated these days. Manual drilling machines are now rarely found. The drilling machines are available for the furniture industry in a wide variety of versions as simple machines with one drilling spindle or with many drilling spindles. The drills are important. Here, special types of grinding are used. High-speed steel is mostly used. Larger diameters are produced with so-called circular saws. The forster drill and the auger drill are also used in woodworking. These two drills are especially suitable for wood or plastics. In many cases, a cordless screwdriver with a good drill is sufficient to drill in wood or plastic.

After you have read what is woodworking and tools, how about starting woodworking like…right now?


What Is Affiliate Marketing And How Does It Work?

With the aid of the Internet, you can almost have everything right at your fingertips. With just a few clicks you get access to thousands and even millions of pieces of information and data on virtually any field of interest. As years pass by, the Internet continuous to effect radical changes in many facets of human endeavors, including commerce. Experts say that the information space, commonly known as the “world wide web,” grows by over a million pages everyday as more and more people utilize the Internet for information, education, entertainment, business and other personal reasons. It doesn’t take a business-oriented individual to realize that this phenomenon can bring about sky-high financial gains. The Internet’s fast-growing popularity in the recent years is surely an opportunity for business that any entrepreneur would not want to miss.

MacBook Pro near headphones

You might be thinking only businessmen can make much money out of the Internet, don’t you? Think again. You too can earn big bucks through the Internet even if you don’t have products to sell and high-profile and established company. How? That is through affiliate marketing. You might have come across these words over the net while surfing. Affiliate marketing is a revenue sharing between a merchant and an affiliate who gets paid for referring or promoting the merchants’ products and services. It is one of the burgeoning industries nowadays because it is proven to be cost-efficient and quantifiable means of attaining great profit both for the merchant and the affiliate and other players in the affiliate program, such as the affiliate network or affiliate solution provider.

 Affiliate marketing works effectively for the merchant and the affiliate. To the first, he gains opportunities to advertise his products to a larger market, which increases his chances to earn. The more affiliate websites or hard-working affiliates he gets, the more sales he can expect. By getting affiliates to market his products and services, he is saving himself time, effort and money in looking for possible markets and customers. When a client clicks on the link in the affiliate website, purchases the product, recommends it to others who look for the same item or buys it again, the merchant multiplies his chances of earning. On the other hand, the affiliate marketer benefits from each customer who clicks on the link in his website and who actually purchases the product or avails of the service provided by the merchant. In most cases, the affiliate gets commission per sale, which can be fixed percentage or fixed amount.

 If you want to be an affiliate marketer and make fortunes out of the Internet, you may follow the following three most basic and easiest ways to start an effective affiliate marketing program. First is to identify a particular thing you are interested in or passionate about so you won’t be bored and forced to develop your affiliate web site later on. Focusing on a specific area you know very well will help you bring out your best without much risks and effort. You can add a personal touch to your site and give your visitors who are possible buyers an impression that you are an expert in your field. In this way, you gain their trust and eventually encourage them to buy the products you endorse. Next is to look for good paying merchants and products or services related to your interest and create now a website. In choosing the products, you must also consider its conversion rate.


Before You Start Sirtfood Diet (Success Weight Loss Story By Adele)

When it comes to dieting, far too often we take those first steps towards weight loss bliss for what we later determine are all the wrong reasons. Ultimately however, if your reason works for you there is no truly wrong reason to diet. The trick is in finding the reason that will actually work for you.

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I’ve seen all kinds of excellent motivators when it comes to dieting and taking your dieting seriously. One of the more common reasons is to lose weight. This is as good of a reason as any. Some want to get back into the size 5 jeans they wore in high school while others would simply like to be able to look in the mirror once again without feeling guilt. For some this is a simple matter of vanity and for others it is finally managing to deal with what has become a lifelong problem. If you find the inspiration you need to be successful with your dieting this time as opposed to others, then that is the perfectly plausible and acceptable reason for you to diet.

Other reasons for dieting include a desire to be more physically fit. Some of us have a deep and abiding desire to live as long as possible and firmly believe that the best possible method for accomplishing this goal is to live the healthiest life possible. This is another excellent reason for losing weight and getting into shape. If it works for you that is. The thing to remember is that every person is going to have to find their very own motivation deep within.

Yet another great reason is to have the energy you need to keep up with your little ones. This is one of the most heartbreaking side effects for most when it comes to obesity. There is simply no energy left over at the end of the day to enjoy doing things with your precious little ones who are young for such a very short amount of time. You desperately want to be able to build those precious memories with them but absolutely have no energy with which to do so. If that isn’t bad enough you probably (if you are considered morbidly obese) have noticed that many of the simplest activities with your children often bring you physical pain that is the direct result of your weight.

Revenge is a dish that is best served cold and another excellent motivator for some when it comes to dieting and taking off those pesky pounds. Losing a great deal of weight takes time in many cases so you must be able to maintain your motivation even when things are going rough along the way. The path to a new body is not an easy path. This is for those who have some serious emotional healing to do and the best revenge for old slights and wounds is to come back more beautiful than ever before. If this motivation is what it takes for you to take off the pounds then this is the motivation to which you should cling.

Religion is another common weight loss motivation. Some people believe the body should be treated as a temple. There is nothing wrong with this philosophy at all, though it takes some us longer to find our way to that line of thinking than others. Religion and faith are powerful motivators, as they have been known to bring healing to those in need by the power of their faith or their prayers. If your faith can give you the will power and strength you need in order to reach your dieting and weight loss goals then by all means lean on your faith and hold it close.

No matter what motivation you have for dieting and losing weight if you find it is no longer working for you, then you need to find another motivator quickly. Without proper motivation it is quite unlikely that you will ever meet your weight loss goals.


Why Must Our Writing Good?

Almost every week I see brochures, websites, advertisements and newsletters that have been poorly written. Either the spelling is weak, or the sentences are badly constructed, or the key message is buried somewhere in the middle. Sometimes the message isn’t even clear. What these pieces lack is good copywriting.

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Most of what I see has been written by highly competent professionals who are expert in their field. But not in writing. They imagine that because they are smart chief executives, or clever IT specialists or skillful consultants that they can also turn their hand to copywriting. Often they cannot. The net result is that what they write diminishes their message and damages their reputation.

Whereas poor writing will sabotage a good reputation, excellent copywriting will enhance it. Indeed really good copywriting can sometimes create a reputation where none existed before. So for example, a well turned-out brochure, crisply written and beautifully designed can help an organisation craft a completely new image. Similarly, a radically new website which has an eye-catching design, a clear structure and copy that is easy to read and convincing, can make a dramatic difference to an organisation. Good copywriting gets noticed and that’s good news for the business that the copywriting is supporting.

Good copywriting not only gains the attention of the reader, it convinces as well. That is so important. The writing needs to be attractive, friendly and jargon-free, but it will fail if its underlying message is not made strongly enough. An interesting example is the writing of a case study for a company magazine or sales brochure. Unless the case study contains clear and objective arguments to show why a product or service was a success, it won’t convince the reader.

Copywriting a case study sounds easy, given what I’ve just said. But it is not. You have to strike a balance between giving too much information to the reader and too little, and between inflating the reasons for success and under-selling them. Most important of all you have to remember all the time who your audience will be.

Understanding your audience is absolutely key to good copywriting. That’s where the value of good copywriting lies. A skilled copywriter will start by thinking about who they are writing for, what they want to say and the best way of putting that message across. It should be lucid, inviting and interesting. To me that’s good copywriting.


We All Need To Meditate

We all need to meditate. Why? The side effects of meditation are positive and countless. Studies have demonstrated that those who meditate on a regular basis have reduced illness, stress, and need for rest.

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But one of the most compelling reasons to meditate is that the process of meditation itself is sublime. Meditation is not dependent upon the result, but the act of meditation itself is a blissful one, transporting one to a state of contentment and tranquil awareness during the training of meditation itself, not just at the end of training. Actually, because the means equals the end, the training has no beginning and never ends.

All of us in modern times experience a constant onslaught of stress. We are bombarded by uninvited energies in the form of such things as television, noise pollution, arguments, and angry or envious people. In order to counteract this enormously overwhelming force of negativity and distress, we need a superior power, gathered within ourselves; and meditation connects us to this internal reservoir of cleansing, enlightening energy.

In former times, nature surrounded people in their daily routines and rituals of existence. There were no artificial sound vibrations from telephones or machinery; there were no stresses and diseases resulting from urban industrial complexities. There was the sound of water, the hum of the wind, the beauty of the stars in the sky, and the scent of the earth. There were natural tempos in every aspect of life, as people planted seeds, nurtured them into foodstuffs, and as they observed the cycles of nature they felt a connection to them. Nowadays we can live our entire lifespan without ever contacting nature in a direct way. We live in artificially controlled climates, we gather food from fast food restaurants or from stores where it is packaged in a factory; we invite a total divorce of ourselves from our natural origins and our organic, original pace of life.

Meditation allows us an easy, convenient, portable method to enter into those lost natural rhythms and aesthetics, by closing out the world around us, letting go of our bodies, and clearing the mind of all the artificial stress it gathers knowingly or unknowingly during the course of lives.

Meditation costs nothing, it has no harmful side affects, and it won’t add calories or cholesterol to your body. Nor is it addictive in the sense of drugs and alcohol. But it does provide practitioners with an elevated sense of well-being, often compared to a natural “high” more powerful than those induced by drugs, and this component of meditation is one that can be fully embraced for positive, healthy benefits.

The human body is a complex creation, and in the brain the body naturally produces drugs that are hundreds of times more powerful than pharmaceutical narcotics. As one meditates, the body secretes mysterious hormones and chemicals that actually provide an incredible rush of energy and happiness, and this is only one of the amazing side effects of meditation practice.

Meditation is different things to different people. Some use it in place of, or in addition to, psychotherapy. Others find it most valuable as a tool to enhance sports or work performance, and to increase the memory and other mental functions. Some people rely upon it to help them deal with grief or the aftermath of trauma or tragedy, and to regain a contentment and appreciation for life’s beauties. And there are those who use meditation as a creative tool to inspire them in the arts. Meditation gives us stronger and more sustainable vigor, sexual energy, and calm, as it provides a restfulness that is comparable to deep, exceptionally restful sleep.

One of the ongoing meditation you can try is binaural beats.

Honestly, there are countless reasons to meditate, and one way to make the world a better and more peaceful and harmonious place, is for all of us to dedicate some time out of our stressful lives to pause and drink from the mental oasis of meditation practice.


Stones In Gardening Ideas

When you own a home, you want the exterior to appear just as good as the inside. This is why you notice lots of people on the weekends planting tons of plants and trying their best to create their yards appear amazing. However, the only problem is the fact that plenty of the good ideas for landscaping have previously been performed. Obviously, there is one thing that people used to forget about whenever it comes to landscaping, and it actually is one of the great things to work with, and that is stone. Landscaping stone ideas can, not only provide your yard a look all of its own, however at the same time, it will give your yard a fresh feel. There are so lots of various things that you can do with stone, it’s curious that more people do not utilize it. The possibilities are endless, and that stone is a best method to create every yard different.

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To start with, you have to understand that stones, not only make an ideal walk way, but they create a good patio. Whenever people are using stones around their house, the main thing that they always do is utilize it for a walk way. Sure it’s a good idea, but it’s been played out to death. It’s time to come up with a fresh idea. Rather than just using it for a pathway, utilize it to build the ground of your patio. They make very flat stones that are perfect to be used as a floor. This will furnish your patio a very classy, yet, very outdoor feel. Another plan you may want to consider about using is using the stones (or wood) to create levels to your floors. What you do is put down stones to build a wall (not a big wall, but a small one). Then behind the wall you fill it by dirt. Then you set your flowers. Behind those flowers you craft one more wall, but this time you build it a bit bigger. Then you fill that with dirt and you repeat as several times as you desire.

The finest idea for stones, however, is to apply them when making a pond in your plot. This is actually simple to do, and just about anybody can perform it over the course of just one weekend. Not only that, but the stones around it are going to give it an incredible look. If you add a little pump to the pond to create the pond have moving water, then it will keep things like mosquitoes out of it. There is no end to the amount of things that you can do with stones in your backyard. The great news is that the majority of it can be completed in a day, and stones (for the most part) do no cost that much to work with.


Stop Self Sabotage, Identify The Signs

It’s easy to forget just how powerful our subconscious minds can be. We are often completely unaware of how our actions (or inactions) are affecting our lives. We may complain that things never work out for us, we have bad luck, or we just don’t have what it takes to be successful. What we fail to realize is that we are actually creating our own circumstances through subconscious self-sabotage. In order to overcome self-sabotage we first have to use conscious awareness to explore our emotions and fears, and understand how they influence our actions. Once we have determined the cause of the destructive behavior, we can then take steps to prevent it from happening in the future.

What’s really happening when we sabotage ourselves? Subconsciously, we may be frightened by a particular outcome, even though we say we want it. Take, for example, losing weight. Many overweight people have struggled for years, tried diet after diet, and still can’t lose the weight (or keep it off). They berate themselves, push themselves harder, and try to force the weight off. But what’s happening beneath the surface? Do they really want to lose their excess pounds? They may say they do, but what if their layers of fat are providing a sense of protection and security in an uncertain world? What if they feel the need to cover up and conceal themselves? Losing weight then becomes a threatening, frightening possibility. So they might sabotage their diet efforts in order to avoid feeling too vulnerable and exposed. Even though they say they want to lose weight (and even believe they do) they still might set themselves up for failure by sneaking food, skipping exercise, and then making a promise that they’ll try harder tomorrow.

Others may be intimidated by something as simple as starting a new job. Did you know that there are a surprisingly high number of people who don’t show up for job interviews, even for highly-desirable positions? Let’s look at another example: Perhaps a stay-at-home-mom decides she needs to return to the workforce to earn money for her family. What she really wants is to stay home with her children, but she feels obligated to get a job outside the home. So instead of applying for the perfect position, she applies for jobs that she knows she’s not qualified for, or jobs that require hours incompatible with her family’s schedule so she has to turn down the job if it’s offered. Subconsciously, that’s her way of ensuring she won’t have to leave home, and at least she can say she “tried” to get a job.

Those who self-sabotage may also be afraid of what others will think of them should they accomplish their goals. They might not believe they’re worthy of the outcome, so they act in ways that will ensure their failure.

These destructive efforts are done subconsciously, so even the saboteurs have fooled themselves into thinking they know what they want. If there is any uncertainty in their mind, any doubt, any fear, they will find a way to make sure it doesn’t happen.

Perhaps this describes you? Have you sabotaged yourself in the past? Are you still doing it now? Are you not able to move forward with your goals, no matter how hard you try?

Fortunately we CAN overcome self-sabotage. The most important step to stopping self-sabotaging behavior is to recognize that it’s happening. We must develop a conscious awareness of our thoughts, emotions, and actions.

If you’ve been struggling with a certain goal and things just don’t seem to be working out for you, take a look at the setbacks that were encountered and evaluate the situation. Could any of the obstacles have been avoided by making wiser choices on your part? Are there a significantly high number of obstacles that have arisen for this one particular goal? If so, you may be self-sabotaging yourself.

A great way to get in touch with your subconscious mind is by spending time in quiet meditation. Ask yourself what you’re afraid of. What fears do you have? What uncertainties? What makes you feel uncomfortable about this goal? For what reasons would you try to hold yourself back? Using a journal to write these questions and answers can help too, because writing can help you to connect with the deepest part of yourself. It might take time and practice, but exploring these possibilities can dramatically help you to get out of the self-sabotage rut.

When we finally understand that we are in control of our own success, we will be set free from all limitations! By developing clarity and insight about the outcomes we want to create, and the awareness for potential setbacks, we can stop the self-sabotage and focus our energies on working toward new goals that we will fully support in every way. We will then look back one day and see that instead of being our own worst saboteur, we have become our best supporter.


Be A Person Who Gives Happiness

Be a person who gives happiness sometimes be a challenge. When things appear to be going against our will, we tend to experience this as pain, suffering, or that we’re having a bad day. Recognizing that we are in control of our feelings, and that we have the choice to give happiness, or in fear is the first step to creating a life full of joy and positivity.

One principle that we all need to acquire is the ability to see all situations, people, and events from a positive perspective. Instead of viewing bad things in life as a prompt to get upset and angry, try to view the “bad things” as lessons that are helping you grow, helping you to become as whole of an individual as possible. Too many times, we think that the outer world, the physical reality is creating our day, causing us to be sad or unhappy; however it is the opposite that is true. We create our day, we create the circumstances for joyous living.

The most important lesson is that “beingness” precedes experience. In order to bring happy, we first need to “be happy” inside, and this internal happiness radiates outward through every cell of our bodies and creates the outer experience of a smile, or a laugh, or an intimate connection between two people. It is in this “beingness” that we have the ability to see and to choose our feelings, desires, goals, and dreams, which then enables us to manifest an outer reality based on our true selves.

We create the reality in which we experience joy, anger, love, and fear. Because we have the ability, the free will, to choose our reality, we can make that conscious choice to try to just be happier, more grateful, and more sensitive. This happiness though will never come if you are looking outside of yourself first. Because, what we just learned is that in order to be happy we have to have the internal feeling of happiness to then create that happiness in our daily lives. Remember that your beliefs about reality create your experience of it.

So, start changing your negatives into positives, gain clarity, and open your heart by looking inside yourself. When we start changing ourselves from inside out, the universe will respond to us in ways in which we could never imagine. The ability to start manifesting your goals and dreams is already inside of you. Take the leap to start giving happiness today.


Home Based Business Ideas 2020: How To Start

Many people are striking out today to begin their own home based business. With the advent of the Internet and e-mail, one could get the impression that the only way to run a home based business is by the Internet.

What if you want to run your own home based business in a more traditional manner? Where should you begin? The easy part is actually to begin your home based business. The hard part comes when you must decide which home based business you should be in. You must screen each business opportunity with objectivity and patience. You must also be methodical and realistic in your selection of a home based business that suits you.

One of the very first steps you should take when considering a home based business is to take a personal inventory. You must take note of your skills, personality characteristics, experience and interests. When taking into consideration your personality characteristics, you should answer these questions: What is your personal background, what kind of training and education have you had, what kind of special interests and hobbies do you have, and what kind of work and volunteer experience have you had? These are just a few of the questions that you must ask yourself when you are thinking about starting your own home based business.

The second step you must take is to identify what you like. You may know about a lot of different things, but you must ask yourself what you are really good at. You should make a list of everything you like doing and then with a lot of insight cross off the things in which you have no interest or you just do not like to do. It just may be your luck to like what you are good at. That will give you a good clue for your home based business.

If you have come up with a suitable home based business, then perhaps it would be well to review the following different subject areas to see if your interest lies in any of these. You may take into consideration such things as: Crafts, household services, health and fitness, professional and personal services, wholesale and retail sales, computers and business services.

The next thing you want to do in trying to ascertain which home based business is for you is to go down the list of your skills and interests and see which ideas may be marketable as a home based business. In order for your home based business to be successful it must be unique, must create or satisfy a need in the market and must have longevity. You must also be able to price profitably yet competitively. Your home based business must also suit your lifestyle. If you have been a stay-at-home mom and are looking to start a home based business, you naturally are not going to want something that is going to take you away from home for long periods of time or something that you would have your clients coming to the house for.

Whatever home based business you decide to go into, it will take a lot of forethought and preparation on your part. Remember that people are succeeding at home based businesses each day, and you could very well add to the rank and file of those who are successful!


Success Of Online Business: The Secret

When most people begin any kind of business they seem to have a lot of expectations. They think the money will come rolling the moment they place their adds, get a webpage, or spend on advertising and a promotion campaign, etc. If you have a business you pretty much can tell that that is not necessarily the case. However, this particular article I am going to dedicate it to Internet business. I figure, you are online reading this article right now, maybe you may want to learn a little bit more about how to sell your products or services online.

By the way, don’t think because you are a construction worker for example, that the internet could not be of use to you. You get a little creative and you’ll be surprise with the ideas that can come about that could help you generate income online. But let’s continue with the article shall we?

I am not going to deny the fact that a lot of profit can be generated in short periods of time. It has happened in the past and will keep happening in the future. There is an old saying, “There’s nothing more powerful than an idea who’s time has come!”

In other words, you can have a very lucrative idea, but the market is not ready for it, therefore you may end up loosing your investment just to find out months later that that very same idea becomes a huge success for someone else. Basically, being at the right place at the right time certainly helps. And you will ALWAYS be at the right place and the right time if you listen to your heart. To the guiding Spirit within.

Then off course, there is the other side of the coin. Having a great idea, being at the right place at the right time, but not being able to capitalize on it. Well, this is what this article is going to address. We are going to explore the reasons why people buy! And I am going to dissect each topic briefly so you can have a much deeper understanding as to how all of the following pieces of the puzzle fit together.

First, I am going to address the importance of the word VALUE. When you have something to offer where there is an open market for it, and more than likely there is a demand for your product, your efforts revolve around advertising. If what you are advertising is being offered by other businesses, then you have what is called competition. That being the case, you have to be able to create an urgency for people to buy from you, otherwise you could loose your potential customers to your competition, not because their’s are necessarily better. But because of the fact that not everyone buys on the first visit. Sometimes customers need a little bit of time before they make a decision. So if you already exposed them to what you have to offer and later on they see the same product on someone else’s site, they may be ready at that moment to purchase. They may end up ordering from someone else that product or service which you took the time to educate them on the first place.

Since internet surfers are what it’s called impulse buyers, you got to be prepared so that when a potential customer visits your site, she/he is ready to make the decision at that moment!

If you are advertising a video tape that teaches people how to market products online, you need to figure out ways to increase the “VALUE” of what you have to offer. You need to answer questions such as;

* Why is your video better than the rest?

* What is in your video that you feel would make someone say, “I want this!”

* What are they gaining from ordering?

Since the beginning of time, marketing is all about figuring out ways to sell people on the idea that if they acquire whatever is you have to offer, they will “gain” something from it. If you have been subscribed to few newsletters and have read marketing articles, they summarize what I have just said in one word. BENEFITS. If from the very beginning you can point out what is it that your visitors will gain from your product or services, you increase dramatically the value of your product.

This is not the only way to add value to your product. But this is the best way to establish rapport and generate interest. So you must always begin by letting them know how your product or service is going to make them feel, or improve their life, or help them win, etc.

Once you have been able to add value to your product or service, honesty, integrity and credibility play a very important role. Maybe right at the moment of purchase, depending on how much your asking price is, they may wonder, “how do I know this person knows what she’s talking about?”

So how do you add integrity? If you are an expert on something, can you tell me about your experience? Do you walk your talk? Does your site reflects what you talk about? For example, don’t go telling me how using frames and JAVA language can work against search engine placements and how bad they are for me, meanwhile, your site uses both, JAVA and frames. To me it means one of two things, you don’t know what you are talking about and therefore just passing along what others have told you, or there is something you know that you are not telling me.

Does that mean that if you do not have a great resume people wont buy from you? Absolutely NOT! Your resume could be your website. Here is what I mean, if someone visits your site and you don’t have a degree as a nutritionist, but your site is filled with very convincing articles and valuable information that shows that you know what you are talking about, that is enough to add credibility.

Let me take it one step further, if you create a very powerful sales letter, you can have your visitor so engaged in the information that she/he wont even bother to figure who you are, or what you do. However, to pull that off, you must offer a product that has great value, and if possible, a money back guaranteed!

All you need to do is to come from a place of honesty and service, and as long as you can show credible ways in which your product will benefit your market, you should be able to sell your product(s) and/or service(s) online.

So you have something of value and you have been able to gain credibility. What can you do to add more substance to your product or service?

Let’s say you are giving a speech and want to quote an article regarding your subject matter which you have written on a piece of paper, if you hold the paper and read the words from it, it holds more credibility than if you were merely saying the words. Why that is? I don’t know. But that is just one of those interesting mysteries we come across every once in awhile.

So by having someone saying something positive about your product or service, it helps add credibility which in turn helps also increase the value of what you are offering.

What we have done so far is, we have strategically created leverage. We have given a solid foundation as to why people not only should, but must obtain whatever it is you are offering. Assuming that you are placing all these strategies in the RIGHT ORDER, positive results should be way within your reach.

So what makes people buy is:

* Value-Benefits (What am I gaining from this.)

* Value-Honesty (How do I know this is true.)

* Value-Endorsements (What others have to say about this.)

Notice that I used the word “value” along with every example because value is what people consider before obtaining anything. Benefits, honesty and integrity as well as endorsements, even when each play a role in itself, they all have once thing in common. They “add value” to your product.


Staging A Home For Sale

What is a home staging?

Home staging prepares a home for sale, and for the dozens of enquiring eyes that will be scouring the property looking for flaws. It creates an image of the perfectly decorated home, in move-in condition. This should be the next step after decluttering, cleaning and repairing your home. The changes may be as small as rearranging furniture to give the illusion of more space, or repainting with more neutral and soothing colors. Home stagers will offer great ideas for perking up a room with accessories and creating a new stylish look for your home

Why stage your home?

In this day and age, having to deal with a sluggish market, staging is a must. It can give you the edge that may result in a faster sale or a higher sales price.

First impressions can make or break the sale of the house, and a home that is properly staged helps to maximize your chances of a positive first impression.

Your home will have an advantage over other unstaged homes.

A staged home shows well in web site marketing and video tours, and since the majority of homes are chosen over the internet, this is a vital form of advertising.

Tips for staging your home.

As you go from room to room, there should be a flow to your home. Avoid overly bright or bold colored walls. This may mean repainting some or all of your rooms with more calming, neutral tones. Some people cannot understand that that bright purple wall can be removed with a coat of paint, and these distractions may result in no sales.

Clean the carpets.

Furniture: The most common trick used by stagers is to rearrange furniture to create a more stylish look. During my house sale, my stager suggested I move my dining room table into the living room, creating a living/dining room. This freed up space for my crammed kitchen table and voila, I had a brand new and improved living space.

Rearranging may also mean reducing the amount of furniture so that a room looks more open. This includes emptying out closets, even if it means putting some things in storage. Consider renting a few pieces of stylish furniture or pieces of art.

Tidy up your bookcases so that they look pleasing to the eye. This may mean packing away many of your books and keeping out the ones that display well.

Brighten the house up by cleaning windows, and go with higher wattage light bulbs (just until the home sells). Make sure that the lights are left on before an open house, so the prospective buyers are walk into well-lit rooms and hallways.

Creative use of fabrics as accent pieces for additional texture and color are very common.

Remove family pictures, hockey trophies, any traces of everyday family life. You don’t want the buyer feeling that they are in someone else’s space; they need to imagine their family living in this house.

Use plug in room fresheners, especially to mask pet and smoking odors. If you can’t get rid of a smell, overpower it by providing a distraction such as baking chocolate chip cookies and leaving the tray in the oven.

Sweep out the furnace room and clean the cobwebs off the furnace. If the furnace looks cleaner, it appears newer.

Make a list of general repairs, and if you can’t complete them, hire a handyman to polish them off.

Add fresh or silk flowers to many of the rooms.


  • Display bowls of colorful fruit.
  • Apply oil to cabinets to revive their finish.
  • Modernize your cabinet handles.
  • Clear everything off the counters, finding homes for small appliances — you’ll love the look.
  • Remove fridge magnets and small area rugs.
  • Have a table set for use, complete with place mats, place setting and napkins.


  • Have a set of thick and luxurious towels reserved only for open houses.
  • Fill baskets with scented soaps and lotions.
  • Use a scented plug in air freshener.
  • Remove the collection of shampoo bottles from the tub, or toothbrushes lying on the counter.


  • Clear off your night tables, maybe leaving out an interest looking book.


  • Place containers of flowers on the patios, decks and entranceways.
  • Set the table with colorful picnic plates
  • Power wash the outside of the house, patios and walkways.
  • Freshen up the paint on all porches and doors
  • Weed the gardens and apply mulch; it makes them look like new.

In order to make your home staging a positive experience make sure you use either a realtor who is skilled at home staging, or a professional home stager. The latter is a trained designer and they understand how to create a mood or illusion for the buyer.

It can be difficult listening to strangers telling you how your home needs to look. You really need to be open minded and trust their expertise. Many people are surprised at how hard it is to separate from their homes; just keep telling yourself, “It’s not my home anymore”. You’ll probably enjoy many of the changes you’ve made and may reflect these in your new house as well. There is just something about living in a stylish, clean, clutter-free environment.


Wood Closet Organizer

Make your closet space look beautiful with a wood closet organizer. This is the perfect way to get your closet in order. Not only will you be accessing all that open space, but your closet will look wonderful. Does this sound good to you but you aren’t sure how to get started? There are many options available to you.

The first decision you are going to have to make is the amount of money you are willing to spend on the project. Wood custom closet organization systems are generally more expensive than other types, but they also look nicer and last longer. You can choose from oak, maple, and other types of wood. It is a good idea to work with real wood instead of particle board. The next choose you are going have to make is who is going to be doing the work.

If you are very handy around the house, then you may be willing to undergo this project completely on your own. You can get it done for the best price this way. It will take some time though to measure your closet and come up with a workable plan. You can also use scrap wood for material to help you save on the cost. You have to be skilled in this area though to do a great job of building a wooden closet organization system from scratch.

If you aren’t skilled enough for that option, you can consider purchasing a kit. These kits are available from many sources including the internet and home improvement stores. Most custom wood closet organization kits come with a variety of hanging rods, drawers, baskets, and shelving. Look for one with minimum installation. Of course, you are going to pay more for that convenience but it is often worth it.

If you are renting a place, you may not be willing to install a wooden closet organizer kit. That is understandable. However, you can purchase them online from places such as Simple Closets. These wood closet organization systems come with only a few parts that have to be put together and they don’t mount to the walls.

You can email them a layout of your closet including photos and dimensions. They will then come up with some great plans and layouts for you to review. If you find one that interests you then you can order it and have your closet ready to go with a custom wood organization system that is removable in no time. All of the products sold by Simple Closets are made of quality wood. It is smooth and solid, but unfinished. You can leave it looking natural or stain it to the desired color. You are not obligated to purchase anything if you request free information on layouts for your closet, so what do you have to loose by looking into it?

The last option is to have a wood closet organization system designed and installed for you. This is done by a professional. Many will come to your home and discuss your options for you. The wooden closet organization system is generally installed within a couple of days. This is a great way to guarantee your closet will look exactly how you want it.

For the best results, make sure you work with a reputable company who can offer you references as well as pictures of some of the work they have done. Get all information on the installation in writing including the cost, layout, and the time frame for completing the work. You should make sure they offer a warranty and that it is also in writing.

Investing in a wood closet organization system is a great idea. It will allow you to have an organized closet area that is full of the shelving and storage that you need. No more trouble finding your favorite outfit or both shoes to match your dress! A customized closet with wood materials is a great way to treat yourself to some added appeal in your bedroom.


How To Break Bad Eating Habits

A friend wrote, “Help me! I thought I was finally getting a handle on my weight issue but the sugar is killing me. I had an awful day. I won’t even tell you what I ate today because it is just so unbelievable. All I will say is that 90% of my food today consisted of sugar! I really, really need some help getting past these cravings. I am no doubt a sugar addict. If I could get past this there is no doubt that I will reach my goal.”

If you see a little of yourself in this message, you’re not alone. Many describe themselves as sugar addicts. They believe if it were only for that one thing, then they could reach their weight loss goals. If you believe only one thing stands in your way of losing weight, consider this: What if that one thing (an addiction to sugar for instance) were gone? Do you really believe, “If I could get past this, there is no doubt that I will reach my goal,” or is it an easy excuse to stay stuck?

If I told you I could show you a way to stop craving sugar, would you want me to show you how?

Think about that for a moment. Close your eyes and really think it through. You’ve said if only you didn’t crave sugar, then you could lose weight, but is that really true for you? Ask yourself these questions:

Would you eat differently, and if so how?

Would you act differently, and if so how?

What else would change, and what would stay the same?

What would you lose?

What would you gain?

Until you know what you want, know you can achieve it, and know what else will change (i.e. how your life may be different), you can’t discover any obstacles that first must be considered. For instance, you may want to stop eating anything after 7 PM yet your husband doesn’t come home from work until 8 and he wants you to join him for dinner. That’s an obstacle.

If you’ve got a habit of watching your favorite TV show with a bowl of ice cream, then breaking that habit is another obstacle.

If you don’t work out ways to overcome your obstacles perhaps through discussion and compromise with your husband, or habit breaking exercises for your ice cream habit, there’s bound to be a problem. Just saying you’re not going to do something any mroe rarely works. Instead determine what might stand in the way of achieving your goals, find a way around them, and you’re much more likely to actually achieve those goals once and for all.

The statement, “if this one thing were handled, then everything else would fall into place” is an “If Then” statement and gets people into trouble. They want a fairy godmother to make it all better. A strong belief that one single thing such as, “eating sugar is my problem,” sets you up to fail, especially if you really like eating sugary foods.

Getting a handle on your cravings is not an all-or-nothing proposition. You must leave room for occasional deviations. It’s not the occasional side trip that causes weight trouble, it’s the road we usually travel.

Here are the steps to creating a well formed outcome:

1) State what you want (not what you do not want). “I want to weigh 135 pounds.”

2) Determine whether you can achieve it (do you believe it is possible?).

3) What resources do you have and what do you need (time, money, gear, clothes, equipment, coaching, whatever).

4) Check whether anyone else is involved and any potential obstacles that may come up regarding others. Think of everyone involved in your day-to-day life.

5) Picture yourself “as if” you’ve obtained what you say you want and see if that picture fits. Do you like what you see?

6) Put together a plan of action for the achievement of your outcome.

While it may seem like a lot of effort simply to decide what you really want, going through these steps at the beginning helps you find potential obstacles which previously stopped you from moving forward. For example, if you decide you want to join a gym and start exercising every day but you’ve forgotten you don’t even own a car and just lost your job, that exercise plan might not work out right now. If you did join a gym, you’d end up not going and then you’d think you’d failed, yet it was the plan that failed, not you. You didn’t think it through.

A better plan in this instance may be doing exercises at home, or within walking distance (or simply walking for exercise). Later, when you do have transportation, you can rethink the plan and perhaps join a gym then. There are always options.

It’s better to look at what you want from every angle, then put together a plan you know can and will work. Then when you know what you want, you’ll also know you can make it happen and begin by taking that first step toward making it a reality.

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Internet Plan For Business

With the influx of modern technology into our lives, more services are made easier. New gadgets, tools, and modes of transportation make essential human functions like communication and transportation a breeze. Of these developments, none has made as much impact as the Internet. Communication, access to government service, and even business transactions are made possible through its use. And with the rise of internet merchants and online payment processors, the most basic human function of consumerist ethos (a.k.a. shopping) is clicks away.

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What are internet merchants and online payment processors? Internet merchants are simply business people who sell their products or services through the internet. Internet merchant sites function as virtual shops wherein online shoppers can browse through pages of products or catalogs. These sites usually feature the prices of each service or product, sales promos, virtual shopping carts, and most importantly, several payment schemes. These payment schemes are modes of online payment processors. Online payment processors are institutions who offer companies or businesses a system to accept and process debit and credit cards minus the hassle of dealing with the different banks or issuers directly. They basically work as a middle-man between the card holder and the `Net merchants. The merchants pass credit card details to the processing website, or the merchant page could jump directly to the processor’s site. The processors then validate the card details and account. After validation, card details are sent back through `Net merchants’ page for confirmation or rejection. If confirmed, the purchase is done and the shopper only needs to wait for the delivery.

Despite the efficiency of internet merchants and online payment processors, the pros and cons still needs to be clarified. Customer convenience, added sales channels, automated authorization, and a streamlined payment system count as the advantages of availing the services of internet merchants and online payment processors. However, there are still risks in using the system. Charge or fees for online purchases are usually higher. Security risks are also issues. Unless you are sure of the security measures provided by the merchant and processing sites, this risk is real. Sensitive information like account information can be hacked into, altered, or stolen.

To avoid or minimize these risks and to fully enjoy the services of internet merchants and online payment processors, vigilance and information is key. Read the fine print on the account and conditions set by the `Net merchants. You may miss other conditions or extra charges if you just read the top half or click the Agree button. It’ll also help to check the integrity or status of the processing site the `Net merchant uses. After all, it’s your money that’s at risk. If you’re finally sure then, click on and enjoy shopping. A reminder though, you may need to exercise serious self-control.


Don’t Worry Darling, You Didn’t Burn The Beer

Most people measure us by our accomplishments — what we’ve done. In my experience, most people compile their track record of accomplishments BY MISTAKE; that is, we don’t have a plan, we simply react to opportunities as they arise. In other words, our accomplishments are externally motivated, not internally driven. What this argues for, of course, is a consciousness of mission — what each of our lives is really about. That’s what this short article will discuss — your Personal Mission Statement. A Personal Mission Statement will help you to organize your entire life — your time, your thoughts, your priorities. Actually, a personal mission statement, conscientiously developed, will change the way you view everything in your life.

Your personal mission statement will force you to constantly re-evaluate who you are, what you’re about, and what you’re doing. As an example, just look at the Constitution of the United States. The essential mission statement there is “…to create a more perfect union.” Where would we be as a nation today if they had not outlined the goals and hopes of a new nation in those terms?

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The basics of a mission statement are as follows:

1. Make it short and to the point. Nelson Mandela’s mission statement, developed over his 27 years in prison in South Africa, says just this: “End Apartheid.” Another great mission statement was developed by Abraham Lincoln upon his inauguration as President. “Preserve the Union.” Note that mission statements can change. Perhaps a mission is accomplished. Franklin Roosevelt started his presidency with a mission to “End the Depression.” By the time that was almost done another threat had arisen and the United States had become involved in World War II. Now the mission statement was “End the War.”

2. Keep your mission statement short, to the point, simple. Use direct language. Be sure that a 12-year-old could understand the statement and you’ll be more or less on track.

3. Make it memorable so it can be burned into your consciousness. The rule of thumb here is that if you can’t recite it from memory, it’s too long and too complicated. Remedy: simplify, condense, “laser” your thought process until you’ve said everything you need to say in the fewest and strongest possible words.

4. Eliminate excuses. Before you can write an effective mission statement you must clear away the excuses that prevent most people from writing one in the first place. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that your job IS your mission. It’s only part of it…or not. Either way, remember that a mission is larger than a job. Your job may change, but your mission may not. In fact, there are times that a job MUST change in order that a mission be completed. So don’t lock yourself in a box that says that you ARE your work. You’re far more than that. Another trap…excuse…is “My role is my mission.” If you’re a man you may think of your role as “breadwinner.”

For a woman this might be “wife” or “mother.” The operating principle here is that your role, too, may change. In fact, as your life, evolves your role will almost certainly change. The third excuse — the one most of us don’t want to cop to — is that we may believe that we’re just not important enough to have a mission statement. Sure, it’s fine for a big company to have one, or for a country to have one, but I’m just one of the “little people,” so I don’t DESERVE one. Parenthetically, we almost never say this aloud. What we do say, at least to ourselves, is that we don’t NEED one. WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!! Get rid of all that silly thinking. Focus. You’ll be glad you did.

Finally, clear out influences that have driven you in the past. A mission statement isn’t about what you think you should be doing. It’s about what EXCITES you. So instead of listening to all those voices from the past…the ones that told you you weren’t worth anything, that you’d never succeed, and so forth. Concentrate on your gifts, your dreams.

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